Average Net Worth By Age!

Do you ever wonder how your net worth stacks up against the average american? Below is a table of the average net worth by age. It shows the average, median, top 25%, top 10%, and top 1% net worth by age group.

AgeAverage Net WorthMedium Net WorthTop 25%Top 10%Top 1%

Knowing the average net worth of an American can provide you with valuable insights into the financial health and well-being of the average American household. It can give you a sense of the overall economic conditions and trends in the United States, and can also help you benchmark your own net worth against the national average.

By understanding the average net worth of an American, you can also gain insights into the distribution of wealth in the country. For example, if the average net worth is relatively high, it may indicate that there is a significant concentration of wealth among a small percentage of the population. Conversely, if the average net worth is relatively low, it may suggest that wealth is more evenly distributed across the population.

Knowledge of the average net worth of an American can be a useful reference point for financial planning and decision-making, as it provides a baseline for understanding personal financial goals and priorities in relation to broader economic conditions. However, it is important to note that averages can be influenced by outliers and may not always reflect the full range of financial situations and circumstances that exist within a given population.

This data is provided by: Federal Reserve