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04/11/24: Will Inflation ever come down?

With yesterday's inflation report, we got new insights on the US macroeconomic trends. Yesterday's report showed inflation at 3.5% compared to February's report which had inflation at 3.2%. What is even worse is core inflation. Core inflation strips out more volatile goods such as food and energy. The problem is core inflation was even higher at 3.8%. Stocks sank on the news. Today they got off to a slow start because of it.

The question is will we see a Fed rate decrease this year and if so how many? At the end of last year people thought there could be as many as 6 or 7 decreases. As we have moved into this year the Fed estimated just 2 to 3 rate cuts in their dot plot. Now, with this new inflation data are we going to see a rate cut at all?

Last week we got the jobs report, and that report came in hotter than expected. Showing strong job growth in hospitality and in health care. Hospitality has come roaring back after covid and the jobs are showing it. Health care also showed strong growth especially with the US’s aging population. These numbers showed strength in the economy that the inflation numbers do not. So with the Fed possibly keeping rates high and the jobs continuing to grow will we fall into a recession or will we be able to achieve the soft landing the Fed has been shooting for?

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